year three : home

Now in Year Three, Belonging manifests as HOME, and elicits perspectives on cultural identity from our less represented populations. Ideas of “home” are being explored through the lens of art salons, our gold country history, our recovering native population, and our recent immigrants. Critical bridge building tools are emerging through creative practices, as we meet.

In addition to this, we are linking Belonging | HOME to our work with a new program for organizations wishing to explore issues of equity, diversity and inclusion, and this will manifest as a Cultural Equity Convening during the winter months. Our commitment to OF/BY/FOR ALL is helping us deepen community impact, advance goals around diversity, equity, and inclusion, provide professional development, and develop new, community-centered ways of working. Being part of OF/BY/FOR ALL’s change network is the beginning of a journey for us, just as HOME represents a sensitive conversation on what it means to be "at home." You can find out more about our work with OF/BY/FOR ALL here.