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Welcome to Nevada County Arts CounciL

We are the hub for information on the arts in Nevada County, and the go-to place for ways to get involved.

Nevada County Arts Council, by resolution of Nevada County Board of supervisors, is State-Local Partner with California Arts Council. A 501c3 not-for-profit organization, we facilitate collaborative efforts that promote and sustain the visual, literary and performing arts of Nevada County to advance the cultural, social and economic life of our community.

We facilitate collaborative efforts that promote and sustain the visual, literary and performing arts.

Nevada County is a preeminent West Coast cultural destination. It is rich in arts and it is unspoiled. Did you know that three Nevada County townships are among a small pilot cohort representing just fourteen State-designated California Cultural Districts?


Nominations Open

The role of the Nevada County Poet Laureate is to spread the art of poetry and encourage literacy and learning in Nevada County. They must provide a minimum of six public readings across the county for the purpose of educating community, business, and County and municipal leaders about the value and importance of poetry and creative expression.

Poet Laureate nominations may come from members of the public, and poets may also self-nominate. Use our online nomination form. Literary organizations and groups, and the literary community in general, are encouraged to nominate.


Creative Placemaking

In May 2018 Nevada County Arts Council presented a free, all-day workshop led by Beth Macmillan, Executive Director of Artown Reno, as part of phase one of creating a community arts plan. Together with our arts community, and stakeholders from government, local business and tourism sectors, we explored our cultural identity and workshopped key areas for focus for our state designated California Cultural Districts.


Free winter Poetry Hours



Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring Street, Nevada City

(Happy Hour is 3-6pm for $1 off a glass of wine, so come early!)

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 13 AT 10.30AM

Flour Garden, 999 Sutton Way, Grass Valley

Friday, March 8 at 12pm/noon

Philosophy, 10412 Donner Pass Road, Truckee


Nevada County State Cultural Districts

Part of 14 state cultural Districts

Nevada County is the only rural county in California which is home to two State-designated Cultural Districts. They are part of a small pilot group of districts throughout California!  

Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District and Truckee Cultural District have been selected as two of California’s premier state-designated cultural districts under California Arts Council’s Cultural District Program. They join twelve other districts that are launching the innovative new program highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within California, home to the country’s leading creative economy.

A cultural district, as outlined by the program, is a well-defined geographic area with a high concentration of cultural resources and activities. The fourteen districts that comprise the program’s first group were selected with variety in mind, intended to help tailor the program to meet the complex needs of a state kaleidoscopic in nature.

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Join our Nevada County Arts Council family

We want Nevada County to become known as the ultimate cultural destination, where our artists feel supported and their audiences are well-served. In becoming a member of Nevada County Arts Council you sanction our reason for being.