In 2019, Nevada County Arts Council published its exhaustive survey of arts education in schools across Western Nevada County TK-12, following months of interviews with principals and staff across 32 schools and, in grades 7-12, a survey of 2017 data submitted to the state. 


Why? Baseline data about arts programming in Nevada County schools highlights our unique and creative “flagship” programs, and identifies gaps in addressing standards or issues of access. Our survey is a key component of countywide cultural planning. It recognizes that Nevada County is unique in California as the only rural county home to two state-designated California Cultural Districts - Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District and Truckee Cultural District. Cultural planning takes into account the support for, and re-invigoration of, arts education in our schools, and our recommendations included the need for a comprehensive strategic plan to guide efforts in this direction.

With our survey in hand we are now eligible for planning support via California County Superintendents Educational Services Association. Together with Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, and with funding from the Stuart Foundation to support consulting from the California Alliance for Arts Education, we will deliver this Strategic Arts Education Plan in early 2020.

Meanwhile, in Eastern Nevada County, our partner agency - Arts For The Schools - will be announcing an Arts Education Survey in late 2019. Watch this space!