Each year we expand upon our California Arts Council-funded programs to support much needed arts education in schools where core-funding is not offered. For 2018-19 we will be providing these services:

AIS 1.jpg

– Summer School and After School Arts Education

With funds from California Arts Council’s Extension Program we are now developing lessons that integrate character education themes with Visual Arts standards. Teaching artists offer weekly sessions during summer school and after school programs at two local schools – Scotten and Ready Springs.  We are also expanding into grades 6-12 by partnering with NEO Youth Center, to provide after school instruction in visual arts, sound studio, filmmaking, and photography at NEO’s facilities.

– Artists in the Schools

The coming year will see us work with four local schools expanding our current AIS program by one grade level to provide all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders weekly visual arts lessons integrating VAPA standards and Common Core academic curriculum. These model arts lessons have been collaboratively developed by classroom teachers and teaching artists. Ultimately, the program will include model lessons for all students in grades 1-5.

– Professional Development for our Teaching Artists

Thanks to an Artists in the Schools Professional Development grant, we are now bringing teaching artists and 1st grade classroom teachers together to develop 22 model lessons integrating VAPA standards and Common Core curriculum (adding to our existing library of model lessons in grades 2-4). Additionally, teaching artists are providing arts education workshops at various staff development events throughout Nevada County, and will be demonstrating the model lessons at our countywide STEAM Expo. We’ll keep you posted!