At Nevada County Arts Council we have several working committees to which we invite community members who are inspired and willing to contribute expertise and volunteer hours. If you are interested we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

Visual Arts Committee

Nevada County Arts Council’s Visual Arts Committee believes in art as a transformative lever for change. We see it a key component of creating an arts destination in California and we support the work of the Council through partnerships and collaborations that both reflect and expand the community’s experience of visual arts while increasing the value of the artist as an integral member of our community.

Literary Arts Committee

Our mission is to support local literary arts organizations to engage readers, support writers, and inspire the next generation of literature lovers. We also present the annual Sierra Poetry Festival, with the following goals:

  • To foster a culturally prominent literary community and to create an inclusive and open poetry establishment in order to curb what can often feel remote and inaccessible

  • To encourage diverse and unique artistic collaborations to help shed new light on poetry

  • To reach out to our youth, thereby encouraging, educating, and inspiring fledgling writers of all ages to become a part of a new diverse and dynamic poetry scene.

Arts Education Committee

As State-Local Partner with California Arts Council, Nevada County Arts Council commits to a policy of Access, Equity and Community Engagement through promotion of arts education projects. As a partner with California Alliance for Arts Education we aim to improve teacher preparation, advocate for public funding for the arts, and ensure equity and access to arts education by closing opportunity gaps and eliminating inequities in access to arts education. Find out more about our work here.

Performing Arts Advisory

The Performing Arts Advisory serves as a forum, for both the community and the region, in the following ways:

  • To increase community involvement in the performing arts by raising awareness of the depth and breadth of performing arts programming regionally.

  • To encourage synergy between performing artists, performing arts professionals and the community.