Nevada County Poet Laureate 

Nomination Overview 2019

Deadline: February 15, 2019

Nevada County Arts Council is designated to recommend in­dividuals to the Board of Supervisors of Nevada County for the position of Nevada County Poet Laureate. After being appointed by Nevada County Arts Council and confirmed by Nevada County Board of Supervisors, the Poet Laureate serves for a term of two (2) years.

The role of the Nevada County Poet Laureate is to spread the art of poetry and encourage literacy and learning in Nevada County. They must provide a minimum of six public readings across the county for the purpose of educating community, business, and County and municipal leaders about the value and importance of poetry and creative expression.

Additionally, the Nevada County Poet Laureate will undertake a significant cultural project that extends through a two-year term. One of our goals for this program is to bring poetry to students who might otherwise have little opportunity for exposure.

The Nevada County Poet Laureate may, and is encouraged to, coordinate their project with any similar project being undertaken by any current County Poet Laureate in California, and any other reasonable activities as agreed to mutually by the Nevada County Poet Laureate and the Nevada County Arts Council.

How to Nominate

Poet Laureate nominations may come from members of the public, and poets may also self-nominate. Use our online nomination form. Supporting documents can be emailed to Literary organizations and groups, and the literary community in general, are encouraged to nominate.

Nominations must contain the following:

  • Complete contact information for the nominated poet, including the following:

 Name, Address, Email, Phone, Mobile phone, if available.

  • A brief biography of the poet being nominated (300 words maximum). Note: A competitive biography would include a summary of awards and published literary works.

  • A link to a website, if available.

  • A brief summary indicating why the nominating organization or individual considers the poet's work to be of the highest quality and representative of Nevada County.

  • If self-nominating, a Statement of what you would like to accomplish if you are selected as Nevada County Poet Laureate. 

  • Confirmation from the nominating organization or individual that the poet has reviewed the Nevada County Poet Laureate job description and agrees to the nomination.

  •  Three (3) poems by the nominated poet, typed, in PDF, JPG or Word Doc format.

  • A complete list of all published literary works.

  • Contact information for the organization or individual submitting the nomination with a cover letter describing the qualifications of the nominating organization or individual.

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Nominations shall be limited to current residents ofNevada County.


Nominations are due at the Nevada County Arts Council via our online submission form and/or email by 5pm on February 15, 2019. If you have questions, please email

Review Criteria

 The Poet Laureate will be a poet who is:

•  recognized for excellence of their work;

•  widely considered to be a poet of stature in local contexts;

•  the author of published work;

•  and agrees to both:

  1. serve at the appointment of Nevada County Arts Council and Nevada County Board of Supervisors, and the recommendation of the Nevada County Arts Council for a term of office of two years following confirmation, and assuming a successful review at the end of year one; and

  2. undertake a significant cultural project that extends through the two-year term.

Review Process

A peer review panel appointed by Nevada County Arts Council, and comprising no fewer than three (3) representatives of the poetry community chosen from a pool of literature experts, will create a ranked list of nominees. Nevada County Arts Council will present the top nominee recommendations to Nevada County Board of Supervisors for their decision and approval. Please note that we are not able to review incomplete nominations.

Announcing the new Nevada County Poet Laureate

Nevada County's new Poet Laureate will be announced locally through traditional and social media, and will read with the former Poet Laureate at the 3rd Annual Sierra Poetry Festival on April 27 2019.

Questions?  Send us an email at