How-To Guide for the Artist DirectorY

What is the Artist Directory

The Artist Directory is an online professional directory for Nevada County, open to all Arts Council Member Artists, Arts Organizations and Venues. 

Creating your Artist Directory Profile

This How-To Guide will walk you through creating your account and profile, and uploading samples of your work.


Before creating your directory profile, secure your membership with Nevada County Arts Council here.

next step : Register for the directory

• Use your web browser to go to Zoomaru E-portal Registration  (You may want to bookmark this page for quick access later)

• Fill in all the fields. Please note that your e-mail address will be used for password reset should you misplace your password.

• Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

• Fill in the fields on the next page then click "Continue." You are now registered and ready to set up your Artist Profile.

Log In

Login to your Zoomaru Profile Page

• Enter your username and password to complete the login. (You may use the same username and password used to list events on NC Arts calendar.)

• Your username will appear at the top of the page once you are logged in.


• Click "My Profile"

My Account – use this link in left column to edit your email, phone number, password, website, etc. NOTE: Contact email is currently mandatory for all profiles; however the email address itself is not visible and must go through our contact system as this prevents email harvesting.

Creating your Media Library

Upload your images, audio, and PDF documents to your Media Library.

Images should not be larger than 640 x 640 pixels. For example; a horizontally oriented image should not be any wider than 640 pixels but could have a height of 640 or less. Only RGB jpg files are accepted.

MP3 audio files should not be larger than 2 MB. If the audio you are trying to upload is greater than 2 MB you will need to resample and get a smaller file.

PDF documents should not be larger than 2 MB.

• You can add more samples to your Media Library at any time.

• Click on the "Return to My Profiles" button.

Add a Profile

After building your Media Library, you may add a Profile.

• Click the "Add Profile" button

• Enter the name of your Profile and choose a category from the drop-down list.

• Click on the "Make and Edit Profile" button.

Add specific Profile information

(You may click "Save Profile" at any point to save your work.)

• Choose a specialty from the drop-down list. If your specialty is not listed, choose the closest fit.

• Add a short Description. Tip: this should be prepared ahead of time. Please note the first few words in your description should be compelling.

Area of Work refers to the geographical location(s) you are willing travel to for work.

Style/keywords. Enter keywords which describe the type of work you do, such as watercolor, oil, clay, etc.

Web Link. Enter the full URL of your website (example: In order for this web link to work, it must be reviewed by a Portal Administrator.

NOTE: Contact email is currently mandatory for all profiles; however the email address itself is not visible and must go through our contact system as this prevents email harvesting. The display of a public phone number is optional.

Event Link (EID). All of the calendar events you post (with the same username as your directory) will be visible in the calendar listing on your profile. Any organizations posting events which your are associated with will also show. You may select one additional event to appear in your calendar listing. Enter the event ID number here to make it show. 

Permalink for Profile. After your profile is saved a quicklink will appear in this blue bar. After testing, use this URL to refer to your Artist Profile on another website or web page. 

• Click the "Save Profile" button at the top of the page.

Assign samples from your Media Library to your profile listing

• The first sample of your Profile becomes your Profile Avatar and this is the first image that a visitor will see.

• Choose your Profile Avatar by clicking the Choose Sample button for sample #1. It's recommended that your Avatar is an image, not a pdf or audio file. You may change your avatar image at any time.

• Select the rest of the samples from your Media Library in the same fashion. You may include up to 15 samples per Profile. You may change the samples at any time.

• Click the "Save Profile" button at the top or bottom of the page.

• When finished click "Return to My Profiles"