The Center for the Arts Mural Documentation

The renovation of The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, California is a thrilling undertaking for the community. One of the more exciting aspects of this project is a plan to fund a large mural on the back of the building, due to be completed Summer 2019. 


The Center for the Arts is a primary driver of the arts in this community. We host a range of creative events, from music acts & theater, to gallery exhibitions, classes, and summer camps for kids. We would be thrilled to have a mural that celebrates creativity & the arts. We’d like for the mural to reflect a diverse vision of local creativity, including local creatives would be a plus, as well as highlighting diverse modes of expression or performance styles. We envision a bold, colorful mural full of movement, but beyond that, we leave the concept up to you. Also, we plan to incorporate donor names into the wall. They could be listed at the bottom, however, we’d prefer them cleverly incorporated into the design, with the potential to add more donor names in the future. Contact Amber at with any further questions.

Submission Instructions

Please submit a PDF with the following information to

  1. A short bio

  2. 3-5 images of previous mural work

  3. A brief description of your concept

  4. A depiction of your concept - Sketches, concept art, mockups etc

  5. Budget - what will your concept cost (include hours, travel, & materials)

  6. Your work details: estimated time painting, location, transportation, etc.

Please confirm that you can come to Grass Valley to paint in May/June, and if you would be available beyond that time for touch ups as necessary. Also, let us know your hourly rate if we need you to come back for touch ups or to add more donors after the expiration of the contract.


Proposals due - 2/1/19

Results Announced - 4/1/19

Painting begins - May/June 2019


We are really looking forward to your proposals!


Eliza Tudor