In the Style of the Old Masters

The Sacramento Fine Arts Center is excited to announce this year’s In the Style of the Old Masters show! Now’s the time to consult your favorite art works of 13th-18th century Europe– let them be your muse as you create your original masterpiece!

Unsure where to start? Explore a wide variety of styles and find what speaks to you. Perhaps you admire Leonardo Da Vinci’s polymathic expertise spanning art and mechanical science in the High Renaissance, or enjoy the vibrant frivolities of the Rococo era as painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard. There is so much inspiration to be drawn from this foundational era– don’t be afraid to explore the depths of history!

In the Style of the Old Masters will be on display in the SFAC main galleries this summer, August 14th-September 2nd, 2018! Please stay tuned for more info, and contact Show Chair Cheri Awalt ( with any questions.

Deadline: 07-07-2018
Sacramento Fine Arts Center
Carmichael, CA

Contact: Cheri Awalt

Eliza Tudor