Nevada County Arts Gallery Exhibition Program Guidelines
Nevada County Arts Gallery Exhibition Program Guidelines

  1. All artists must submit applications online through the Call to Artists/Gallery Exhibition Program portal on the NCArts website.

  2. Applications must include between 3 and 6 uploaded images of sample works. All/most of the uploaded sample works must be included in the exhibit. Images must be 300 dpi and 6 inches wide.

  3. The application must be accompanied by a non-refundable $30 application fee. (Payable online through PayPal, or by a separate check mailed to NCArts. Checks must be payable to NCArts, should have the artist's name on the check, and "Gallery Exhibition" written on the memo line. Artists who are accepted into the Gallery Exhibition Program will have the $30 application fee credited to their program account.

  4. Artists will be notified within one week of submitting their application materials that their application is complete and on file. Applications will remain on file with the screening jury for up to two years. In most cases, artists selected for exhibition by the screening jury will be contacted between 2 and 6 months in advance to schedule the exhibit period.

  5. A jury of artists and NCArts members will review all submissions and determine which applicants will be exhibited in the gallery and the schedule for those exhibitions. To the extent it is practical, the intent of the program is to work with chosen artists in scheduling the exhibits.

    • a) Exhibit periods will begin on the first Monday of odd numbered months, and end on the Thursday preceding the first Monday of the following odd numbered month. The exhibiting artist is responsible for installing the exhibit by 5 pm on the Friday preceding the Exhibit. The artist agrees to fill out an NCArts Gallery Inventory Form, listing all the pieces that are displayed with the exhibition, and submit the form by 5 pm on the Friday preceding the opening of the Exhibit.

    • b) Exhibits must be completely removed by 5 pm of the final Thursday. Items that are not removed by the deadline may be donated, sold, or otherwise removed by NCArts.

  6. NCArts will schedule and host the reception. The artist agrees to invite by email or paper invitation at least 20 people to the NCArts-hosted reception. NCArts agrees to send invitations to their email list (700+). NCArts will provide food and beverages for the reception. (The artist may add additional elements to the reception at their own expense contingent on approval by NCArts.)

  7. NCArts will refer any prospective purchasers of the exhibited art to the artist. The artist will negotiate and conduct any purchase transactions, and is responsible for paying all applicable taxes. NCArts will collect no commission; 100% of the sale amount is kept by the artist. (NCArts will happily accept any donations the artist may want to make as a result of a sale.)

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